Startup Residency

Partnering Progress. Nurturing Innovation.

Navigating the startup journey can be challenging. At Jetbro, our Startup Residency program provides promising tech startups with more than just space—it offers mentorship, resources, and a strategic partnership to ensure mutual growth and success.

Key Features

Why Jetbro as a Partner?

Unlock unparalleled advantages tailored for startups aiming sky-high.

Startup Residency is Ideal For:

Fueling Aspirations Together.

If any of the above mirrors your startup‘s ambitions, Jetbro‘s Startup Residency program is designed to partner, support, and accelerate your entrepreneurial journey.

Process Flow

Embark on a collaborative journey, streamlined for mutual growth.

  1. Initial Consultation: Discuss your startup's vision, needs, and how a partnership with Jetbro can benefit both parties.
  2. Equity Discussion: Establish the terms of the equity-based collaboration to ensure mutual growth.
  3. Resource Sharing: Access Jetbro's vast array of tools, tech stack, and expertise to accelerate your startup's development.
  4. Team Building & Integration: With Jetbro's guidance, identify and onboard the right talent, fostering a cohesive team ready for challenges.
  5. Onboarding: Integrate your startup team into Jetbro's office, accessing all resources and amenities.
  6. Mentorship Sessions: Regular sessions with Jetbro experts to guide your startup's growth and strategy.
  7. Continuous Collaboration: Work side-by-side, leveraging Jetbro's expertise and resources to drive your startup's success.

Note: This is a specialized and exclusive service. Acceptance into our Startup Residency program is not universal and is based on various factors including the relationship, the viability of the idea, execution strategy, and more. As of now, we have forged such partnerships with only two startups: Ariso (Nutri-Tech) and Tubduk (Social-Gaming).

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