ONDC Solutions

Empowering Sellers in the Digital Commerce Era.

Jetbro, a recognized TSP (Technology Service Provider) for ONDC, specializes in creating bespoke seller apps to empower businesses in the digital commerce landscape. With a track record of developing robust apps for industry leaders, we‘re committed to delivering solutions that enhance seller experiences, streamline operations, and drive digital growth.

Key Features

Why Choose Jetbro for ONDC Solutions?

Harnessing the power of ONDC with Jetbro brings a plethora of advantages:

Who Can Benefit from Jetbro‘s ONDC Solutions?

In the burgeoning space of digital commerce:

If the above resonates with your digital commerce aspirations, Jetbro‘s ONDC solutions are designed to propel your success.

Process Flow

Our approach to ONDC solutions is both strategic and user-centric:

  1. Requirement Gathering: Understand the specific needs and challenges of the sellers.
  2. Solution Design & Prototyping: Craft a user-friendly and efficient seller app blueprint.
  3. Development & Integration: Build the app and integrate essential tools for inventory, issue management, etc.
  4. Testing & Quality Assurance: Ensure the app functions flawlessly and meets ONDC standards.
  5. Deployment & Training: Launch the app and provide sellers with the necessary training.
  6. Ongoing Support & Upgrades: Continuous monitoring, support, and enhancements to keep up with evolving seller needs.

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